Plastics Extrusion Machinery , Inc. proudly introduces one of the new additions to our product line, the 730/24 Rotary Saw.  The PEM Rotary Saw was designed to cut or cut and chamfer plastic pipe in the 8" to 24" size range.  This saw has a 7 H.P. AC blade motor.  Electrical power and air is transmitted to the rotating drum through a series of pulleys, similar to a block and tackle, counter weighted for hose and cable return.  This eliminates the mechanical components, subject to failure, in a hose and cable reel.  In event of a failure or overtravel of hose or cable, limit switches signal the saw to shut down prior to damaging the hose or cable.  The saw head is mounted on a spring cushioned base to allow it to self -center and also to alleviate operational shock.  There are no tools required to change pipe sizes or chamfer adjustments.  This allows size changes to take approximately 1 - 3 minutes, while chamfer adjustments can be made in as little as 15 seconds.  The clamps are universal so they fit all sizes of pipe from 8" to 24", this cuts down on changeover time and also on the necessity of purchasing individual clamp sets for each pipe size.  These special features are in addition to the standard PEM features of solid steel and aluminum construction, adjustable footpads, safety guard package, and quality vendor parts assembled in a user friendly and also a maintenance friendly product for years of dependable service.  An optional chip recovery system is also available.



730/24 Rotary Saw Unique Features

  • Universal Self Centering Clamps, Standard, 8" through 24" capability.

  • Quick Change Chamfer Adjustment

  • Microprocessor Controlled, Ready to accept Cut Switch or Encoder Input

  • Variable AC Motor Controlled Drum Rotation for Optimum Cutting Speed

  • No Tools Required for Size Change or Chamfer Adjustment



     The 730/24 Rotary Saw is 108" long with 48" of travel.  Electrics are 230/460 Volt, 3 Phase, 60 Cycle.