Plastics Extrusion Machinery, Inc. developed the Model 327 Series of Pipe Pullers based on the many years of experience that our engineers and managers have in both pipe manufacturing and machine design.  The result is a series of five (5) specific machines using from three (3) to eight (8) tracks, (see tractor units below) capable of handling pipe sizes form 2" to 36".  Extensive effort went into the design of the Model 327 Series Pipe Pullers to make them solid, safe, convenient, and reliable machines.


     The electrical and pneumatic control panel is mounted at eye level on the upstream side of the machine.  The standard controls include a ten (10) turn micro - adjust speed control, start and stop switches, clamp opening and closing switches, and pneumatic pressure regulators.  An ammeter for monitoring the amount of pulling force being generated by the motor, and a digital rate meter (FPM) which receives its inputs from a gear box mounted pulse encoder for accuracy.  Emergency stop buttons are located at three strategic locations for quick access in case of an emergency.  One is mounted directly on the control panel and the other two are mounted at each end of the machine.


     The Tractor Units (tracks) are interchangeable both within each machine and with all other machines in the Model 327 Series reducing the amount of spare parts needed for maintenance.  The lower tractor units are mounted to an adjustable frame, controlled by the front mounted hand wheel.  A scale is provided for convenience in setting specific pipe sizes.  The upper tractor units are each mounted on four (4) pneumatic cylinders which maintain the preset pressure on the pipe while still allowing the tractor units to float over pipe irregularities.



     The large tapered lead on each tractor unit coupled with the gimbaling action of the pneumatic mount is ideal for start up.  These two factors allow both oversized and irregular pipe to pass through the puller while still maintaining the pulling force on the pipe.  To drastically reduce down time, Plastics Extrusion Machinery, Inc. developed a totally new and unique caterpillar pad and chain for the Model 327 Series Pipe Pullers.  Each of the contact pads is 1 3/8 inch wide with a shallow "V" groove.  The shallow "V" groove provides more contact surface with the pipe for greater traction.  The narrow pad allows for more tractors to be in contact with the pipe even on smaller diameters.  Each tractor unit provides sixty two (62) inches of contact surface.  If ever a pad becomes damaged or excessively worn, it is not necessary to remove either the tractor unit or the chain from the machine to replace it.  The pad can be changed quickly using only a hex wrench.




     All tractor units are driven by a series of gear boxes (not chains) and a four (4) speed transmission to provide longer life and less maintenance.  See through guards totally encloses the Model 327 Pipe Puller for both convenience and safety.  The easy access control panel, the tapered lead tractor units, and clear guards are all provided to make this both an easy and safe machine to operate.




     In a continuing effort to keep our equipment up to date and as efficient as is humanly possible, we are offering two more models of the 327 series of pullers.  Current models in the field have a series of gearboxes in the drive train and mounted on the upstream end of the puller.  One of the new models replaces the gearboxes with a large timing style belt that drives all of the tractors.  This eliminates some of the major cost spare parts and setup time during gearbox replacement.  The other new drive system uses Servo motors mounted on each individual track and controlled through a single controller.  The end mounted gearbox style of puller will gradually be phased out.






To see a detailed specifications page of the Model 327 Series Pipe Puller click the following link below.


Model 327 Pipe Puller Specifications